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- , 17 Apr 15, 3:23pm -

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  • newPakistan court disqualifies PM Sharif from office
    Author: AFPID: 1501226583596993500Fri, 2017-07-28 10:18PAKISTAN: Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Friday disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over long-running corruption allegations, a highly anticipated decision that forces him out of office.…
    - 9 hours ago, 28 Jul 17, 7:23am -
  • newFloods kill 120 in India’s Gujarat, with industry, cotton hit
    Author: ReutersID: 1501225648846927000Fri, 2017-07-28 09:56AHMEDABAD: Widespread flooding in India’s western industrial state of Gujarat has killed more than 120 people and paralyzed infrastructure, officials said on Friday, with tens of thousand…
    - 10 hours ago, 28 Jul 17, 7:07am -
  • newUS Senate rejects partial Obamacare repeal, bitter blow to Trump
    Author: AFPID: 1501223937396876700Fri, 2017-07-28 09:26WASHINGTON: US Republicans failed spectacularly Friday in their latest effort to dismantle Obamacare, leaving the party in stunned disarray and President Donald Trump’s dreams of repealing…
    - 10 hours ago, 28 Jul 17, 6:39am -
  • newUS military cuts ties with Syrian rebel group
    Author: AFPID: 1501222195456838600Thu, 2017-07-27 20:16WASHINGTON: The Pentagon is cutting ties with a group of Syrian opposition fighters after they started targeting regime forces instead of the Islamic State group, officials said Thursday.The gr…
    - 11 hours ago, 28 Jul 17, 6:10am -
  • newFreak storm floods roads, fells trees in Istanbul
    Author: ReutersID: 1501214930536694500Fri, 2017-07-28 09:02ISTANBUL: Hailstones the size of golf balls and heavy rain battered Istanbul on Thursday in a freak storm that flooded roads, felled trees and brought air traffic and rush hour transport to…
    - 13 hours ago, 28 Jul 17, 4:11am -
  • newSaudi UN envoy receives fellowship program participants
    Author: ARAB NEWSID: 1501192251033313300Fri, 2017-07-28 03:00JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia’s UN Ambassador Abdullah Al-Mouallimi has received participants of the Saudi Charitable Fellowship Program “Shaghaf” at the UN headquarters in New York. The pro…
    - 15 hours ago, 28 Jul 17, 1:31am -
  • newHajj minister, Somali counterpart hold talks in Jeddah
    Author: MOHAMMED RASOOLDEENID: 1501192251033313100Fri, 2017-07-28 03:00RIYADH/JEDDAH: Minister of Hajj and Umrah Mohammed Salih Bentin on Thursday received Somali Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs Iman Abdullah Ali and his accompanying…
    - 16 hours ago, 28 Jul 17, 1:08am -

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- , 17 Apr 15, 3:23pm -

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  • newWith crucial election looming, Venezuelans hear clarion call to civic action
    At the behest of opposition congressmen, Venezuelans are taking their political fight to the schoolyard. Hand-written posters hang from fences, trees, and bus stops outside schools used for government voting centers, calling for the cancellation of…
    - 2 hours ago, 28 Jul 17, 2:24pm -
  • newTaking the high road in a Himalayan hostility
    For the past six weeks, the armies of India and China have been in a tense standoff over the control of a 104-square-mile plateau at about 11,000 feet in the Himalayas. It has seen Chinese encroachment many times and watched in recent years as China…
    - 3 hours ago, 28 Jul 17, 1:32pm -
  • newTransgender soldier: 'This is the only job I ever wanted'
    This week while on vacation, Wyatt woke up to the news that President Trump had tweeted his intention to reinstate the ban. It’s an experience that has been shared, in some form or another, by the estimated 1,320 to 6,630 transgender individuals c…
    - 18 hours ago, 27 Jul 17, 10:14pm -
  • newBehind Trump’s transgender ban, a political calculus
    Donald Trump has long evinced a live-and-let-live attitude toward gay, lesbian, and transgender people. Foremost, the president needs a legislative victory, and by giving House conservatives what they wanted on transgender troops, he has paved the w…
    - 20 hours ago, 27 Jul 17, 8:22pm -

Huffington Post

  • Rihanna's Tweeting World Leaders About Their Plans To Fund Education
    We’ve known for a while now that Rihanna is a renaissance woman, but the singer’s most recent project is A+. She’s currently advocating for education funding worldwide, and calling out world leaders to get a move on it.Over the cour…
    - 32 days ago, 26 Jun 17, 4:33pm -
  • Here's A Bunch Of Pics Of Justin Trudeau Marching At Toronto Pride Because... Swoon
    Justin Trudeau seemed firmly committed to be the dreamiest ― and queer-friendliest ― public leader in the north-western hemisphere on Sunday. The Canadian Prime Minster began the day at a “Faith And Pride” ceremony at Toronto’s Metropol…
    - 32 days ago, 26 Jun 17, 3:38pm -
  • Climate Change Could Threaten Up To 2 Billion Refugees By 2100
    Charles Geisler, a sociologist at Cornell University, spent much of his career researching where poor people go when rich corporations swoop in and buy the land out from under their feet. But his focus began to shift in 2005, after observ…
    - 32 days ago, 26 Jun 17, 3:02pm -
  • The Obamas Went Rafting In Bali And They're Clearly Having A Blast
    Anything a member of the Obama family does is major news. So when the entire group is spotted together ― engaging in water sports and wearing matching rafting gear, no less ― you can consider the internet broken. Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sa…
    - 32 days ago, 26 Jun 17, 1:52pm -
  • This Airline Lets You Pay A Little Extra For 'Neighbor-Free' Seats
    Seatmate uncertainty is one of the most daunting parts of air travel. Who knows if you’ll be assigned a spot next to someone smelly and annoying, or nobody at all?!Etihad Airways lets passengers guarantee the latter with “neighbor-free” seat…
    - 35 days ago, 23 Jun 17, 9:42pm -
  • Heartwarming Video Shows How Kids See Differences
    A heartwarming video from BBC’s kids-oriented network, CBeebies, is showing how children think about differences. In the video, pairs of young friends answer the question, “What makes you two different from each other?” And their resp…
    - 35 days ago, 23 Jun 17, 2:14pm -
  • Mayors Could Shift Nearly 42 Percent Of U.S. Electricity To Renewables By 2035
    The country’s largest coalition of cities plans to vote this weekend on a pledge to make 100 percent renewable power a top policy priority over the next decade.The resolution by the U.S. Conference of Mayors ― who represent a 148 mill…
    - 35 days ago, 23 Jun 17, 11:50am -