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  • Rational Proofs for God’s Existence: Ahl al-Sunnah vs. the Ash’aris
    I’ve never witnessed a Versace Handbags However the like. I simply love their flowing shapes and luxurious materials. So of course the Versace 360 Handbag lives approximately and even exceeds all my expectations.Compared nevertheless other brands,…
    - , 9 Jul 11, 11:26pm -
  • Tafsir of the Qur’an with the Sunnah
    Allah says, {And We sent down to you the Reminder so that you may clarify to mankind what We have sent down to them} [16:44] and in doing so Allah declared the function of the Messenger (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) in this verse. It was the duty…
    - , 29 Apr 11, 8:39am -
  • Tafsir of Qur’an by Qur’an
    Methods of Exegesis There are 6 methods for exegesis, 4 of which are usually mentioned: 1) Explanation of the Qur’an with the Qur’an itself. 2) Explanation of the Qur’an with the Sunnah. 3) Explanation of the Qur’an with the statements of the…
    - , 28 Nov 10, 6:08am -
  • The Ruling of Tafsir and Its Categories
    Allah revealed the Qur’an in order for us to ponder it: “A Book that We have sent down to you, blessed, so that they may ponder its verses.” [38:29] Allah also rebukes those who do not ponder it: “Do they not ponder the Qur’an, or are there…
    - , 8 Aug 10, 5:09pm -
  • Principles of Tafsir: Introduction and Background
    The field of Tafsir is devoted to explaining the meanings of the Qur’an. There are certain principles and concepts that assist the exegete (mufassir) in his task of explaining the Qur’an, understanding the different opinions of the exegetes, and…
    - , 7 Aug 10, 10:44pm -


  • The Not-so-Average Joes
    Written for Umar. Abu Hurayrah. A’isha. Abu Bakr. These are among the giants of our Ummah (community). We’ve been hearing their names and stories since we were children and they still continue to inspire us.But there are oth…
    - , 4 Jun 13, 3:31am -
  • Prophetic Narrations You Probably Have Never Heard - Part II
    BismillahLast year, I shared a short compilation of Prophetic narrations that were unheard of in our English-speaking circles.Alhamdulillah (praise belongs to God), a few of our readers asked that I continue sharing these narrations. I’ve compile…
    - , 12 Apr 13, 12:23am -
  • Beautiful Muslim Women in History
    What comes to your mind when I say, “A beautiful Muslim woman”? Many of us may think of a woman in hijab (headscarf) or modest attire. Hijab is indeed beautiful, but by thinking Islamic beauty is only because of hijab, we are perpetuating the…
    - , 7 Apr 13, 10:22pm -
  • Luminosity: Lessons from the Full Moon
    In the summer of 2010, my friends and I went camping during a full-moon in the famous White Desert. As the sun began to set, we made camp and had dinner under the stars. It wasn’t until later in the night that we really saw the full-moon. For all…
    - , 7 Apr 13, 10:20pm -
  • Prophetic Narrations You Probably Have Never Heard
    BismillahAs I became more advanced in my Arabic studies, I immersed myself in reading hadith (prophetic narrations) in the language spoken by our Messenger ﷺ (may the peace and blessings of God be upon him). The more I read, the more I realized…
    - , 25 May 12, 5:36am -


Seekers Guidance

  • Allah is Shy, and Loves Shyness – Why?
    Shyness is an attribute much loved in a Muslim. As Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said explains, it is valued not merely in our public conduct but in the way we approach our relationship with Allah. Want to learn more? Take an online course with reliable schol…
    - 4 days ago, 3 Feb 16, 12:51am -
  • “Watching Porn is Worse Than Committing Zina” – Shaykh Hamdi Benaissa
    In your darkest moment, when confronted with the option to commit zina* versus watching pornographic videos, Shaykh Hamdi Benaissa argues that the porn is many times worse. Sound odd? Watch his explanation in the video below. Watching Porn, in Light…
    - 4 days ago, 3 Feb 16, 12:33am -
  • The Tashahhud is Lofty – Don’t Rush It
    The ‘tashahhud’ consists of the words we recite in every sitting of our prayers. These are the words with which the Beloved Messenger of Allah ﷺ greeted Allah on his ascent beyond the Heavens, in a place beyond place–a place not even the Ange…
    - 4 days ago, 2 Feb 16, 10:15pm -
  • Muslim Communal Obligation: Stories That Will Have You In Tears
    Imagine spending years saving up for hajj. And then imagine, not being able to go because you gave all your money away, but Allah accepts your hajj anyway. This is the story of Ali, a humble cobbler from Damascus whose random act of sacrifice fulfill…
    - 4 days ago, 2 Feb 16, 8:30pm -
  • Impoverished Muslim Converts in Chiapas Need Help
    In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful To send financial assistance to the Chiapas Muslim converts in Mexico, please donate now via Paypal. Fellow Seeker, Sister Zainab Ismail, will be embarking on her third journey to San Cristob…
    - 4 days ago, 2 Feb 16, 2:43pm -

The Deen Show

Tawheed First

  • Like a Summer Cloud
    The greatest aid for him in [preferring the Everlasting Hereafter to the transient world] is to take a look at the state of the Messenger (salAllāhu ‘alayhi wasallam) and his biography as well as his Companions. The fact that they renounced the…
    - 27 days ago, 10 Jan 16, 4:12am -
  • Overcoming Laziness
    Loving leisure, preferring idleness and the perceived difficulty of tasks are what lead one to laziness. Bukhāri and Muslim reported from Anas ibn Mālik (radiAllāhu ‘anhu) that the Prophet  (salAllāhu ‘alayhi wasallam) used to frequently s…
    - 83 days ago, 15 Nov 15, 2:46pm -
  • The Wisdom of the BasmAllāh
    From the manners that Islām has taught us is to begin our actions by mentioning the name of Allāh. The purpose behind this is far-reaching and manifold: 1. It brings Allāh to mind before one does the action. 2. It prevents one from doing evil ac…
    - , 20 Jan 15, 5:13pm -
  • The Reader vs. The Doer
    Understanding in the religion is not just mere knowledge, it is knowledge and action. And this is why the Salaf used to warn against much reading and having little understanding as Abdullah ibn Mas’ood radhiAllahu ‘anhu used to say: “What will…
    - , 14 Mar 14, 11:11pm -
  • Contemplate the Outcome of Hawā (Desires)
    When a person anticipates what his Hawā is calling him to prior to attaining it, he should then reflect on his state after his satisfaction has passed, he should compare this between his satisfaction and his sin, for that is when he will know that…
    - , 2 Feb 14, 5:00pm -


    Fa firroo ila-llaah

    • Jump in
      Love is the water of life, jump into this water. Rumi
      - , 9 Feb 13, 6:27pm -
    • Balm
      This world is in deep trouble, from top to bottom. But it can be swiftly healed by the balm of love. Rumi
      - , 1 Feb 13, 4:59pm -
    • Do not look at him as a sinner
      “If one night you see someone committing a sin, tomorrow do not look at him as a sinner, he may have repented during the night and you did not know.” — Ali ibn Abi Talib (radiallahu anhu)
      - , 15 Jan 13, 11:51pm -
    • Sweetness
      Find the sweetness in your own heart. that you may find the sweetness in every Heart. ~ Rumi
      - , 15 Jan 13, 6:30pm -
    • …Seek the face of Allah thereby
      “Let not the people come to know except of your happiness, and let them not see except your smile. If life becomes constricted upon you, then within the Qur’an is your orchard. If you feel curtailed and restricted, then to the heavens raise your…
      - , 4 Sep 12, 10:43pm -


    • For an improvement in any situation…
      “If you want to rectify your heart, or want to see betterment in your child or companion—or whoever it is for that matter, then direct them to places where the Qur’an is recited and direct them to be in the company … Continue reading →
      - , 2 Oct 15, 10:31pm -
    • To find its Blessings In the Rest of the Day
       كان ابن عثيمين رحمه الله يوصي بإنهاء الحزب اليومي من القرآن أول النهار، فلذلك أثره وبركته على بقية اليوم، ولأن الإنسان لا يدري ما يشغله.…
      - , 1 Oct 15, 3:35pm -
    • Be Merciful, Good and Give the Best of Yourself to Others
      “You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself.” ~ Harvey S. Firestone ❝The believers whose faith is close to perfection are the ones who show greatest mercy❞ Ibn al-Qayyim, in: Ighathat al-Lahfan 2/913 “Allah … Contin…
      - , 21 Sep 15, 2:57pm -
    • A real life example of the fruits of patience and taqwaa.
      “Shaikh Ibraheem Al-Hilalee Al-Halabee – a pious and noble scholar – traveled to Al-Azhar University in search of knowledge. While seeking knowledge, he became very poor and used to rely on charity. One time, several days passed by and he … C…
      - , 7 Aug 15, 5:21pm -
    • How our Deeds are Weighed
      Q: A Muslim man peforms an action that causes a palace to be built for him in Paradise, and that a tree is planted in Paradise with his name on it, etc. Then, he performs sins that make Hell obligatory … Continue reading →
      - , 22 Jul 15, 12:16pm -

    Ilm Fruits

    • I’m Drowning and I Don’t Know Why
      Have you ever felt like you were drowning? Submerged in the depths of the world? With darkness encompassing you everywhere you went? I have. And what makes the situation even more difficult to swim through is when you don’t know why. Everything s…
      - 11 days ago, 26 Jan 16, 9:19pm -
    • Our Children, Our Test – Naseeha to Parents
      There he stood. A grown man, towering to the sky. Broad shoulders, and so much pain in his eyes. I know it’s impossible, yet I could hear his heart sobbing. In reality though it was just the sound of my own pumping away. I stopped, asked, and what…
      - 19 days ago, 18 Jan 16, 7:08pm -
    • [Khutbah] Moving Forward After Ramadan
      How do we hold on to some of the good habits we developed in Ramadan? For many, Ramadan has slipped away from our mind as something of the past. However, this is an excellent time to refresh those memories and make new intentions moving forward.
      - , 14 Aug 15, 8:44pm -
    • To Do List After Ramadan
      We graduated from the school of Ramadan. Stick to your good deeds and improve yourself. Start slow, and be consistent, which is the most beloved of deeds. Salah, siyaam, and sadaqah are great candidates to start out.
      - , 7 Aug 15, 8:35pm -
    • Powerful Tips for the Last 10 Nights
      14 tips for finishing a month of Ramadan with a smashing success, inshaAllah, in dunya and in akhirah. By shaykh Tawfique Chowdhury.
      - , 7 Jul 15, 8:06pm -

    The Companions of the Cave

    • Response to Doubts
      السلام عليكم ورحمة الله As-Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi, I noticed that doubts keep being raised and judgments keep getting delivered by someone who claims to be a student of knowledge, yet they don’t show the requisite fear…
      - , 24 Aug 14, 10:49pm -
    • Aṭ-Ṭaḥāwī’s Opinion on Transporting & Displaying Heads
      السلام عليكم ورحمة الله As-Salāmu `Alaykum wa Raḥmatu Llahi, In what has become somewhat of a small series of articles on the subject, this latest and perhaps final entry is in order to present to readers a succinct and complet…
      - , 23 Aug 14, 10:16am -
    • When Students Don’t Adhere to Texts or Precedents
      The Ikhwani Awakening resident ‘student of knowledge’ – ‘Nazeelu Chinguetti’ states: “Secondly, some IS soldiers have beheaded other Mujahidin in Syria by hitting the throat and then cutting which is called Nahr in Arabic and it’s Haram…
      - , 22 Aug 14, 7:34am -
    • Beheadings in Islam- Proofs vs. Deceptions
      السلام عليكم ورحمة الله As-Salāmu `Alaykum wa Raḥmatu Llahi, My discussion of current events is limited in scope to what our rich and well-preserved texts on Islamic law have to say about the legality of statements and actions…
      - , 21 Aug 14, 9:54am -
    • Samrā’ bint Naḥīk- Proof for Women in Leadership Roles?
      Translated from the Kuwaiti Encyclopedia of Jurisprudence 17/223: Al-Ḥisbah- The Legal Definition The majority of jurists defined it as enjoining good when its abandonment surfaces and preventing evil when its perpetration surfaces. Matters Related…
      - , 13 Jul 14, 9:13pm -


    Sayings of the Salaf

    • Nine Things to Say Often
      Advice about not speaking too much, and the things we should say often.More:Your Saved Chat History The Salaf and the Quran in Ramadan How the Salaf were (and weren’t) when hearing the Quran and Dhikr More than Recitation The House in which…
      - 5 days ago, 1 Feb 16, 4:45pm -
    • Broadcasted Sins
      The difference between hidden, private sins and those done or broadcasted publicly.More:It’s just a small sin Lofty Manners & Conduct of the Salaf [Examples] Lowering the Gaze May­mun b. Mahran De­scribes The Salaf He Met The signs of true…
      - 45 days ago, 23 Dec 15, 9:25am -
    • Final Blame and Praise
      The outcome of trying to please people by displeasing Allah, and sticking to the truth even if people blame you.More:Truth and Falsehood, Praise and Blame Umar on interacting with others [trust, consultation and friendship] Patience, Asceticism,…
      - 71 days ago, 27 Nov 15, 10:31am -
    • Lofty Manners & Conduct of the Salaf [Examples]
      Examples of the lofty manners and conduct of the Salaf in various aspects of life.More:I’m the Man [the youngster who puts himself forward] From the Etiquette of a Son with his Father Humble Moves May­mun b. Mahran De­scribes The Salaf He M…
      - , 13 Oct 15, 10:57am -
    • Lands of Scholars and Doctors
      Where not to live if you care about your body and soul.More:The Disease of this Ummah and its Doctor A Comfortable Life Imam Al-Awzai’s Letter of Warning against Heresy and Heretics Who are The Jama’ah (Main Body of the Muslims)? Ali on fe…
      - , 11 Sep 15, 11:24am -